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Apple Care

「Let all that you do be done with LOVE  💛」    (1 Corinthians 16:14)


Free Play

“Play is an essential part of learning!”


As children play full of enthusiasm and freedom, they experience who they are and learn vital social skills, compassions, and cooperation. Especially during their early childhood years when the nervous system and organs are developing, children can make full use of their five senses to discover, observe, and feel the water, soil, insects, and the world around them. By playing actively and voluntarily rather than passively, they explore and acquire creativity, self-expression, and problem-solving skills.

Mixed Age Childcare.jpeg

Mixed Age Childcare

Our mixed age classes offer an atmosphere with a mother-like teacher, and older and younger ‘siblings’. The younger siblings learn the rules from the older siblings, and the older siblings will learn how to build relationships with the younger children by helping them, sometimes having disagreements with them, but learning to forgive and be forgiven. (Depending on the event or activity, we may separate them by age or development stage.)


Classroom Environment

Our classroom walls are painted a pale pink color, representing the mother’s womb, and provides a calm environment for children in their infancy and younger years. The play equipment and toys are made of simple, natural materials such as silk, cotton, seashells, acorns, wool, and wicker baskets, all of which are unique in texture, weight, and fragrance. By taking the time to pay with natural materials using all twelve senses, the children can fully develop these senses and cultivate their ability to think and act independently, as well as develop their imagination and concentration.


Apple Garden

Through working in the ‘Apple Garden’ where seasonal flowers and vegetables grow, the children will meet nature and develop a rich understanding of the changing seasons, crops, and the blessings of nature.



Once a month, we hold a cooking class that allows children to fully exercise their five senses and cultivate their concentration through seeing, feeling, listening, smelling, and tasting. 


Birthday Celebration

Every month, we enjoy pancakes and/or waffles made by the teachers and celebrate the growth of our friends. The birthday celebration is another opportunity for the children to learn that each and every single one of them is an irreplaceable and precious individual to their family, friends, and teachers.

Prayers and the Bible.jpeg

Prayers and the Bible

We will take a moment of silence and calm our emotions by praying in the beginning of the day, before we eat, and at the end of the day. In our prayers, we will maintain a pure mind by growing our love, consideration, and appreciation for our friends and family. 


We also have fun times such as singing children’s hymns, reading children’s Bible or Bible-related picture books to teach the children the importance of connections with people that have love for Christianity (Honesty, Integrity & Compassion) that is rooted in the Christian spirit of love.


 (*This curriculum is enforced for educational purposes of the spirit development and is not intended to enforce religious beliefs. No matter what background your child or family comes from, you can enroll your child as long as you understand, respect, and agree with the philosophy and educational policies of Apple Youchien.


Valuing Autonomy and Nurturing the Child’s Will

We closely examine what type of curriculum is meaningful, develops interest, and can be used to improve each child’s daily lives. We do not expect perfect and complete projects or techniques especially with drawing pictures or working on activities. The reason why we use beeswax crayons and watercolors from Stockmar is for all students to enjoy the process, work with different colors to express themselves, and to enjoy the infinite variety of different colors. The same thing goes for event performances. We will do our best to engage interest in the children but if they feel that it is a burden on them, we will not put pressure or force them, but respect one’s development, accept them for who they are, and support them. 

We strive to nurture the will of the children, not by imposing on or forcing them, but by allowing them to be moved, to be amazed, respect, love and to be compassionate. 

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