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About Us

Apple Youchien (also known as Apple-Chan) is a pre-school filled with love and is committed to nurture the unique capacities of each individual, making all children feel at home. Children that live in the US will be able to experience many traditional Japanese events and learn Japanese expression and culture. (We also offer our Apple Methodology in our English childcare class.) 


Education Philosophy

「Let all that you do be done with LOVE  💛」

(1 Corinthians 16:14)


Educational Principles

● At Apple, we strive to create a warm environment that blends Christianity and inspired by Waldorf education to have the children experience the joy of living and being protected by God in a home-like environment where children can be children.                                                                                                 ● We strive to achieve a healthy mind and body for the children by embracing nature, the four seasons, and making sure that the children experience things first hand using the ‘12 senses’ to develop each child’s imagination and ability to live with ‘root education


Educational Objectives

● Every child that gathers at Apple Youchien will utilize their innate gifts (The child’s nature), accept that they themselves are special, know that they are loved, and live with happiness and appreciation.

● Every child that gathers at Apple Youchien will come in contact with and enjoy nature through class and feel the importance of life and living together with nature.

● Every child that gathers at Apple Youchien can work to live together with others through relationships with friends regardless of differences, and to think about loving others.

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English Child Care

(Moon Class  - Every Tuesday & Thursday)


 (*English Child Care is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Priority is given to children enrolled in Yama+Moon 5 days a week.   


This class was created in response to many requests from parents who have experienced "Apple Child Care" for many years as well as our dream to be able to create a supporting environment for children to develop their language skills. 


This is a new class (Preschooler ESL ‘Moon' class) that started in the summer of 2020 to meet the needs of children who have difficulty understanding or speaking English as a second language while also maintaining our standard ‘Apple Youchien’ philosophy and curriculum.  We have seen many cases of children struggling through their time in kindergarten or elementary school and our goal is to create a safe and fun environment to teach these children English in preparation for their future. 


With a heavy inspiration from Waldorf Education, we encourage children's spiritual and physical development through natural toys and seasonal events in an environment where children can play and learn in their own way and feel that they are loved by others. In addition, through Bible stories, we nurture ethical values and support children to grow up to be kind and caring people who practice love.

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Preschooler ESL

It is common for children who come to the U.S. from Japan or other non-English speaking countries to have a difficult time learning English as their second language. Some children are reluctant or hesitant to go to kindergarten or elementary school in the U.S., where the language and environment are completely different, and this can become a barrier to their development not only in the English language, but to their overall development. 


At Apple Youchien, we have developed an English version of our curriculum that allows children who do not speak English at all or fluently to become familiar with the English language step by step, using a unique approach that is different from most standard English education or preschools. 


We do this not only by learning vocabulary, but also through the curriculum designed to help children learn emotional expressions so that even if children run into situations in our classrooms or even in kindergarten and beyond, they will be able to use their emotional and social skills to solve them. 


This class also includes kindergarten readiness/ preparations

 through pre-academic activities such as leaning the alphabet, numbers, and enjoying a variety of songs with a different focus every month. 


Through Apple Youchien’s English childcare, we hope to entrust the children with memories, confidence, and skills that each child can use after graduating from Apple to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable time in their future education.

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