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Language and Math Class

Apple Gakushu Kyoshitsu (Nobi Nobi Class)


Nobi Nobi Class

(Nobi Nobi Class Goals)Apple Gakushu Kyoshitsu’s ‘Nobi Nobi Class’, in order to build a foundation for learning, we offer a one-hour class once a week after childcare to help students recognize hiragana, the meaning of vocabulary (including numbers), and solidify concepts in order for the children to be able to understand and build their language skills based off of things they can read and write on their own.


※Through the year, they will learn approximately 1,000 Japanese vocabulary words!

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Class Info

(Place) Apple Youchien(SD site)

(Time)SD: Wednesday (2-3pm)  OR  Thursday (2-3pm) 

(Monthly Fee)$75(Entrance Fee)$30


(Requirements and Eligibility)

1.Currently attending Apple Youchien and between ages 3-5 years old. (*Also must have completed toilet training.)                                                                                                        

2.Understand and follow Japanese directions.(*The class will only be held in Japanese.)                                

3.Be able to sit and participate in the class.

4.The help and participation from families in practice and activities at home. 


★Apple Gakushu Kyoshitsu(Nobi Nobi Class)’s contact →

 <Notice> For Kiso(Basic)class to Elementary grade classes after the Nobi Nobi class, please contact“Ringo Gakushu Kyoshitsu”at

(* Ringo Gakushu Kyoshitsu is operated separately from AppleYouchien. )

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