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Apple Club(Mommy & Me Class)

A class dedicated to having infants and toddlers (ages 1-3 years old) and parents to fell at ease in our classrooms and enjoy raising their children.

Let’s all spend a wonderful time enjoying seasonal events, reading stories, making crafts, etc. all in Apple’s peaceful atmosphere.



「Apple Club(Mommy & Me classes for pre-preschool age children) 

    Will Be Opening Again!」

While single-session events, we are planning on having the ‘Apple Club’ events on the following days while maintaining our usual Covid-19 prevention methods. 


(SD)April 9th (Sat) 10:00am-11:30am(Theme: Easter, Treasure hunting)

Participants:Children 1y/o~3y/o and one parent


(CV)May 7th (Sat) 10:00am-11:30am(Theme: Children’s Day)

Participants:Children 1y/o~3y/o and one parent


※We will send out an email with more information in the beginning of March to families on the Apple Club waiting list. 

※If you would like to participate, please submit an “Apple Club Waiting List Registration Form”

please contact us at

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