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Rhythm and Routine

 Child Care Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (9:15-2:15)

(*At SD, to avoid congestion and confusion between classes and languages, we have a staggered class time of 15 minutes. SD.Sora & Umi Class:9:15 drop off, 2:15 pick up)


At Apple Youchien, we value the child’s rhythm and routine of daily life.


This rhythm and routine of the day’s tension (Stillness) and release (Movement) is like that of the rhythm of the change of seasons throughout the year, which brings a sense of calm and security to young children.

The repetition and predictability through the day, every day, helps the children develop good habits as well as nurture their will and autonomy. By repeating certain actions at the same time every day, whether it be cleaning up after playing or washing the dishes after eating a snack, these life skills become naturally ingrained into the children.

The flow of the day becomes the flow of the week, and in this flow the children grow healthy and happy through the flow of the months and years. 

 A Day at Apple  (9:00am~5:00pm)

9:00 Arrive

‘Good morning!’

(Remove and place shoes in the shoe rack, then enter classroom)

Free Play (With wooden building blocks, silk or cotton cloths, etc.)


→ Clean Up

10:00 Morning Circle Time


Circle Time (Morning Prayers, seasonal and hand game songs, hymns, AEUIO/ Alphabet, attendance, and sticker book)

Morning Circle Time.jpeg
10:30 Snack Time


Snack (seasonal fruits or vegetables, millet crackers, etc. Focusing on natural foods) Everyone gathers around the table, giving thanks to the blessings of the earth and enjoys the delicious snack with pleasant conversations. 

→Wash Dishes

11:00 Main Activity of the Day


The main activity of the day incorporates a well-balanced curriculum that fosters the children’s independence with an awareness of Japanese culture and events.

11:30 Outside Play


Play time (playing in the sand or mud, playing house, taking care of the Apple Garden, etc.)


→Clean up

mail (2).jpeg
12:15 Lunch Time


Lunch (We all gather to eat the lunch prepared by our families. We thank God for providing us with food, as well as for our families for preparing it. We then enjoy the meal with all of our friends.)

1:45 Closing Circle Time


Circle Time (Reading stories, reflecting on the day, praying, and the farewell song)

Closing Circle Time_edited.jpg
2:00 Dismissal and Pick Up OR Extended Care(Onokori-san)


Dismissal (shake hands with the teacher before leaving to go home.)

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